Actuators With Haptic Feedback Require Low Drive Voltage

Actuators With Haptic Feedback Require Low Drive Voltage

TDK expands its portfolio of haptic components with the ultra-thin PiezoHapt actuator featuring a response time of 4 ms. The actuator has a unimorph design consisting of a multilayer piezo element bonded to one side of a vibration plate. With a thickness of 0.35 mm, the actuator is reportedly much thinner than conventional eccentric rotary motors and linear resonant actuators. The actuator can be driven with low voltages of ≤24 V and can produce a wide variety of vibration patterns, depending on the amplitude and frequency of the voltage applied. The PHUA8060-35A-33-000 type has a footprint of 80 mm x 60 mm (vibration plate). At a frequency of 200 Hz (sine-wave) and a voltage of 24 V peak, the component offers a typical displacement of 55 µm. PiezoHapt is an ideal component for providing haptic feedback to user actions in the displays of smartphones and tablets. Shipments of samples will begin in March 2017.

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