Actuator and Sensor Interface Modules from Belden

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Lumberg Automation 0910 ASL 146 and 0910 ASL 438 actuator/sensor interface (AS-I) modules from Belden, St. Louis, MO, feature either an integrated T-piece functionality or piercing contacts. Both versions are slave modules with 4 digital inputs for 2- or 3-wire sensors and 4 digital outputs for standard actuators. Two inputs and 2 outputs are Y-connected and both modules support the latest AS-I profile in accordance with the AS-I specification V3.0. Each module contains eight M12 sockets for digital I/O. Assignment of slave addresses is accomplished via the modules' M12 bus connection by using an addressing unit and a connection cable. Both modules comply with IEC 61076-2-101 and IEC 61131 standards and are IP67-rated.

Contact Info

Company: Belden
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 719-217-2299
Fax: 719-217-2279

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