Acrylic Flowmeter Handles Liquids or Gases

Acrylic Flowmeter Handles Liquids or Gases
Kobold Instruments Inc.
Suitable for use with liquids or gas, the KFR acrylic flowmeter bridges the micro-flow and large flow ranges. It has a one-piece acrylic body with PVC or metal fittings and the scale is easy to read with large numbers and extra hash marks. The low flow meters offer an inherently stable float design, while the larger flowmeters feature a float stabilization mechanism. In the larger flow ranges, the stabilization mechanism provides a smaller installation footprint at a correspondingly lower price. Most units are offered with or without control valves. A datasheet is available at KOBOLD Instruments Inc. Pittsburgh, PA 800-998-1020 412-788-4890 [email protected]

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Company: Kobold Instruments Inc.
Phone number: 800-998-1020

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