Acoustic Platform Could Create A World Without Headphones

At Daimler's Startup Autobahn Expo Day, high-tech acoustic system developer Noveto Systems unveiled a technology platform that it claims will fundamentally change the way sound is produced and consumed. Touted as a revolution in sound, where sound becomes dynamic, smart, personal, private, and healthy, the technology was integrated and demonstrated live in a demo Mercedes.

Noveto's patented technology dynamically tracks the user and beams sound directly to their ears, without any intermediate hardware or devices. According to Noveto CEO Tomer Shani, “We can direct sound to a specific point in space, say near your ears, and create tiny virtual speakers that only you can hear. For the first time ever, Noveto is able to create a personal, private, intelligent acoustic environment for users, enabling the Internet of Sound.”

The company is already in discussions with several of the largest automotive companies and integrators in the world to bring smart personal sound into the car. Beyond that, Noveto views its technology as the platform for the future of sound and has plans to move into the home, office, lifestyle sectors and more. For more details, visit NOVETO’S WEBSITE.

Considering the lofty prediction of a world without headphones, it will be great if this technology allows users to interact with their surroundings while engaged with their media, unlike the current wave of walking digital deaf with their ears plugged with isolating buds. If so, we may never hear the phrase, “excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, GET THE @#$%^& OUTTA’ MY WAY!!!~MD

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