Acoustic Bubble Spectrometer from Dynaflow

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Dynaflow Inc.

Dynaflow Inc., Jessup, MD, now offers a USB-based model of its acoustic bubble spectrometer (ABS) that measures and monitors the distribution of bubble sizes and void fractions in liquids for bubbles larger than 15 µm. The USB version is supplied with a 1.25 MHz DA card, a signal generation card, received-signal amplifier, and ABS 6.0 software. The ABS determines the changes in the speed of sound and attenuation that arise in a liquid when bubbles are present. Applications include analyzing bubble distributions in ship wakes; paper, ink, paint, and fruit juice industry processes; the oil industry; mud drilling; mercury tanks for accelerator-based neutron source generators; and cavitation erosion.

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Company: Dynaflow Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 301-604-3688
Fax: 301-604-3689

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