ACM Demonstrates Damage-free Cleaning Technology on 1X nm Patterned Wafer

SHANGHAI -- ACM Research, Inc. has solved the problem of patterned wafer cleaning. This is another breakthrough at ACM after it developed Space Alternating Phase Shift (SAPS) megasonic cleaning in 2011.

Compared to flat wafer cleaning, patterned wafer cleaning is much more complicated and challenging. With the decreasing line width and increasing aspect ratio, cleaning a patterned wafer without damage is much more difficult than ever. Meanwhile, as the feature size continues to shrink, the impact of fine particles (less than 30 nm) and contaminates to final device yields are much more significant.

ACM's newly-developed, proprietary Timely Energized Bubble Oscillation (TEBO) technology solved the problem of pattern damages caused by transit cavitation in the conventional megsonic clean process. By using TEBO, the cavitation becomes stable without bubble implosion or collapse during megasonic cleaning processing. The damage-free physical cleaning capability of TEBO with high Particle Removal Efficiency (PRE) has been demonstrated on 1X nm patterned wafers. The TEBO cleaning technology can be applied not only in FinFet manufacturing processes, but also in the high aspect ratio of DRAM and 3D NAND manufacture processes. (Aspect ratio of 30:1 or even 60:1.)

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