Accurate Measurements of Vital Performance Issues, Built to Fit Your Application


Accurate Measurements of Vital Performance Issues, Built to Fit Your Application

Wireless torque monitoring advantages:

  • Is easy to install and integrate
  • Uses unobtrusive, lightweight hardware
  • Eliminates reliance on slip rings
  • Samples at high rate (continuous and burst)
  • Is ideal for high-RPM applications


LORD MicroStrain offers three scalable approaches to torque monitoring, ensuring reliability, accuracy, and a perfect fit within your application:

Wireless Node-Based System (battery/inductive)

Near Field Communication (NFC) Torque Monitoring System

Variable Reluctance (VR) Torque Monitoring System


Wireless Node-Based System

Real-world application: Drive shaft on UAVs and industrial pump trucks

  • Uses LORD MicroStrain wireless strain monitoring node, wireless base station, software
  • Two custom half-shells cuffed onto drive shaft or rotor
  • Proven to withstand centrifugal loads of 1250 g (standard: 500 g)
  • Continuous sampling up to 512 per second, burst sampling up to 4096 per second
  • Reliable, anti-aliasing filter to reduce data noise
  • Powered by replaceable lithium ion cells or custom inductive solution


Near Field Communication (NFC) Torque Monitoring

Real-world application: Feed system for ground-based defense application

  • Uses rotating coil and fixed-frame coil secured to shaft for power and data transmission
  • Inductive power eliminates reliance on external battery or other mounted power source
  • Electronics housed in rotating internal bobbin
  • External electromagnetic interference eliminated
  • Very low latency (average 2-4 milliseconds)
  • Less maintenance, fewer components in rotating frame


Variable Reluctance (VR) Torque Monitoring

Real-world application: Drive shaft on military aircraft lift fan

  • Uses VR sensors mounted to external fixed frame for a truly non-contact solution
  • Precisely measures all six degrees of motion (translation/rotation)
  • Angular misalignment measurement also available
  • Capable of measuring twist of less than 0.001°
  • Very low power required (can be hardwired directly into machinery)
  • Ideal for ultra high-RPM applications due to absence of mounted components


Due to the highly-specialized and unique nature of torque monitoring applications, each LORD MicroStrain solution is customized to precisely fit your particular needs. As such, these are not "off-the-shelf" solutions but rather an engineered combination of the optimal components for each application.

You are invited to speak with a member of our award-winning Sales and Support team to further learn which option fits best with your application and how we may work with you to successfully build and integrate it.


Please contact us at [email protected] or 800.449.3878.

About LORD MicroStrain:

LORD MicroStrain Sensing Systems' range of sensing solutions includes inertial measurement systems, micro-displacement transducers, wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting technologies. Solutions range from rapidly deployed test and measurement to long-term embedded health monitoring. Applications include structural health monitoring, condition-based maintenance, navigation and control, environmental monitoring, and rotating component health. Recognized as a leader in the sensor industry, LORD MicroStrain has received numerous product innovation awards.



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