Accurate and easy to calibrate measurement system ideal for large scale power generation applications

Middletown, CT – The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. announces the availability of its GMS-750RS rotor-stator gap measuring system, an invaluable maintenance tool, ideal for measuring rotor-stator gap in large scale power generation applications. The GMS-750RS uses Kaman’s proven eddy current sensor technology incorporated into an easy to calibrate turnkey instrument. It provides accurate and repeatable gap measurements between 0.250 and 1.000 inch, with a 0.001-inch resolution.

Easy to use and featuring a simple design that eliminates operator variables, the GMS-750RS dramatically reduces the overall time it takes to align the rotor to the stator. The accurate measurement system reduces repair costs and lost revenues during downtime.

The GMS-750RS overcomes the difficulty of accurately measuring rotor and stator surfaces by incorporating leaf type springs that are compressed together when inserted between a rotor and stator. The distance sensed is the distance between the two target springs. This concept ensures the eddy current sensor mounted in between sees a consistent target, ensuring maximum performance.

Featuring a long insertion depth and adjustable insertion stops, the GMS-750RS provides an LED readout of the gap in inches or millimeters. With an all metal construction, the system uses AC input power from a wall transformer power supply. The system comes with replaceable target springs, and is equipped with pushbutton calibration and tare.

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