Accelerometers Handle High Heat With High Accuracy

Accelerometers Handle High Heat With High Accuracy
PCB Piezotronics Inc.

The Models 357D92 and 35793 accelerometers make measurements with better accuracy and lower noise than comparable units during large temperature variations. Employing UHT-12 technology, they solve gas turbine and automotive engine manufacturers' persistent problem with ceramic based sensors known as pyroelectric noise. UHT-12 technology allows accelerometers to be insensitive to temperature variations. The UHT-12 family consists of accelerometer Models 320C52, 339A30, 339A31, 339A32, 357D90, 357D91, 357D92, 357D93, Series EX611A00, EX611A, EX600B, and has been adapted to pressure sensor Series 115 and 176.

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