Accelerometers Are Smart And Capable

Kionix unveils the KX13x Series, a family of accelerometers designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications, allegedly provide superior performance, and improve the capability to accurately detect events and conditions. According to John Chong, VP of Product and Business Development, “The most distinguishing feature of the KX13X Series is what we’re calling an ‘Advanced Datapath’ (ADP). The ADP is a second set of outputs that can be configured to route the raw signal through multiple highly configurable filters and an RMS calculation engine. This allows one to filter out unwanted noise and events and focus on the signal of interest. Applied to motion and vibration sensing, this enables manufacturers to make their products smarter, more aware, and more usable.”


Targeting a wide range of applications such as wearables and health & fitness in the consumer sector, key fobs, in-cabin and chassis applications in the automotive field, and condition monitoring and predictive maintenance in the industrial market, the KX13x Series’ flexible architecture allows various capabilities and features via a lineup of product versions that share a common footprint and register map. Within this family of sensors Kionix offers standard (up to 16g) and high-g (up to 64g) versions, wide bandwidth models (up to 8kHz), high temperature types (up to 125°C), ultra-thin versions (0.6mm) and automotive-grade (AEC-Q100 qualified) models. Also optional is an embedded temperature sensor and an embedded pedometer. In all these product variants the wake-up function has been designed to operate at low power (< 1µA) to allow systems to sleep while the sensor constantly monitors for a motion event and sends an interrupt when action needs to be taken.

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Additional integrated signal processing engines include Wake-up/Back-to-Sleep, Tilt, Directional Tap/Double-Tap, and Free fall. Rounding out these capabilities are improved linearity, lower noise, and buffering ability. For more details, visit Kionix and/or email [email protected].

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