Accelerometer Sports Wide Dynamic Range

Accelerometer Sports Wide Dynamic Range
Measurement Specialties Inc.

Offering reliable operation in high temperatures, the Model 7132AHT accelerometer features solid linearity across dynamic ranges from ±50 g to ±2 kg. It operates over a temperature range from -55°C to +163°C and offers flat frequency response across a wide bandwidth up to 10 kHz. In addition, the Model 7132AHT features residual noise as low as 0.001 gRMS at ±50g, with a maximum of 0.005 gRMS at ±2,000g. Output impedance is more than 100Ω and full scale voltage output is ±5V across all dynamic ranges. Other parameters include an excitation current of 2 mA to 10 mA, a compliance voltage of 22 to 33 Vdc, transverse sensitivity of less than 5%, and non-linearity of ±1% FSO. For more information, visit id=10998

Measurement Specialties Inc.
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