Accelerometer Modules from Silicon Designs

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Silicon Designs Inc.

The 60 Series of industrial-grade MEMS capacitive accelerometer chips and modules from Silicon Designs Inc., Issaquah, WA, have integral amplification and are available in 8 models and single-axis and triaxial versions. Measurement ranges are from 2g to 400 g. The sensors combine either a single model or three orthogonally block-mounted models, within a single epoxy-sealed anodized aluminum housing. The MEMS capacitive sensor is tailored for zero-to-medium frequency instrumentation applications for automotive, aerospace, industrial, power generation, and test and measurement. Each sensor is consistently made to be virtually identical.


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Company: Silicon Designs Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 425-391-8329
Fax: 425-391-0446

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