Acceleration Sensors Simplify Airbag Development

Acceleration Sensors Simplify Airbag d Development
Robert Bosch GmbH

Embarking as the company’s latest generation of acceleration sensors, the SMA6xy sensor platform promises to make developing airbag systems easier. Versions of the sensor are available for use in airbag control units and for peripheral use in the vehicle's front, sides, and rear. The PSI5 sensor for peripheral use comes in measurement ranges of 120, 240, or 480 g (type SMA68x and SMA69x). Including standard x and y channels, they are also available with a z channel for measuring acceleration in the vertical axis. For use in the airbag control unit, the SPI sensors measure accelerations of up to 120 g (type SMA66x) with a 12-bit resolution. An arming pin helps developers to initiate the airbag algorithm by showing when readings exceed a defined threshold. All sensors in the SMA6xy product family come in a SOIC8n housing and are available in one-channel (x, y or z axis) or two-channel (x-y or y-z axes) versions. For more details, visit  

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