Acal BFi Launches new All-in-one Thermal Camera Module

WOKINGHAM, England -- Acal BFi, European leader in advanced technology solutions, has launched a new "all-in-one" thermal camera module. Designed for OEMs and integrators, the ICC-TM640-105HZ combines the Tamarisk 640 high performance uncooled thermal camera core from DRS Technologies with an outstanding 35-105mm 3x zoom lens.

The ICC-TM640-105HZ module is ideal for security and surveillance applications in harsh operational environments, and features:

•High resolution - based on a 640 x 480, 17 micron pitch, uncooled LWIR sensor, the module delivers simultaneous Camera Link® digital and analogue PAL at 9 or 25 Hz.
•Superior image processing - seamlessly integrating edge enhancement, dynamic contrast thresholding and adaptive rescaling.
•High sensitivity thermal zoom - a 35-105 mm continuous zoom lens with a 3x optical zoom, 4x digital zoom, and horizontal field of view from 17.1° to 1.5°.
•Optical image stabilisation - compensates for shaking caused by wind, unstable camera mounts, or when using the camera on moving vehicles.
•Greater Noise Equivalent Detection Temperature - high aperture F/1.0 lens provides superior sensitivity in fog or smoke when compared to similar cameras on the market.

Alex Schneider, Business Development Director - Imaging & Security at Acal BFi, said: "We are delighted to launch the ICC-TM640-105HZ "all-in-one" thermal camera module to the market and add to our range of high performance, thermal camera modules. Acal BFi's portfolio of uncooled thermal camera modules provides customers with the flexibility to design a thermal imaging camera specifically to their set requirements, whilst being supported by the company's test and development process to ensure they have the best solution for their application".

Acal BFi have over 20 years' experience in thermal imaging solutions for security, CCTV, machine vision, metrology, maintenance, and scientific and life science applications. The company's range of high performance, uncooled thermal imaging modules can be quickly integrated with almost any thermal lens type (Athermal, Wide Field Of View, Narrow Field of View or Continuous Zoom) and are fully calibrated and tested at Acal BFi's ICC (Imaging Competence Centre) Central laboratory in Germany. Acal BFi's thermal imaging modules are also license free for non-military applications.

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