Acal BFi Introduce the World's Lowest Noise Vibration Sensors

VS1000 series sensors set a new reference in DC- to medium-frequency vibration sensing.

WOKINGHAM, England -- Acal BFi, the European leader in advanced technology solutions, are pleased to introduce the new VS1000 series vibration sensors from Safran Colibrys to the European market.

VS1000 series sensors set a new reference in DC- to medium-frequency vibration sensing, offering the best combined bias-stability, repetitive high-shock resistance, linearity and noise performance (7µg/√Hz in band with the 2G range) on the market. An embedded self-test feature also ensures that the device remains functional at all times, and a hermetically-sealed ceramic package ensures robustness and durability.

Offering a large and flat frequency response from DC to Hz to 1500Hz (±5%, min), the series is built around an optimised MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) sensor, an improved die attach, a new ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) with a powerful 200,000 Hz internal clock and a temperature sensor.

The new ASIC-optimised architecture provides bias and scale factor temperature stabilities of ±0.2 mg/°C (min/max) and 120 ppm/°C (typical). It also features overload and aftershock recovery detection. The non-linearity becomes almost nonexistent with 0.1% of the full scale output (typical) under vibrations.

The sensors are available with a wide range of dynamics from ±2 to ±200g, making them suitable for a wide range of applications such as active suspension systems in railway locomotives, structural health testing and MEMS inertial navigation systems.

Martin Kemp, European Business Development Director - Sensors at Acal BFi said: "We are delighted to introduce the VS1000 series to the European market. The addition of these high performance, high shock resistance vibration sensors adds to our existing sensor portfolio and enhances our ability to provide our customers with the most innovative and high performance sensors on the market".

Acal BFi have over 25 years' experience and expertise helping customers to detect, measure and monitor just about anything. Working closely with customers to understand their requirements, the company have the expertise to recommend the most appropriate products and provide advice during design, development, test and manufacture.

Acal BFi now have stock of the VS1000 series. For more details, go to

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