AC Power Meters from Murata Power Solutions

AC Power Meters from Murata Power Solutions
Murata Power Solutions

ACM20 Series 4-function AC power meters from Murata Power Solutions, Mansfield, MA, measure and display AC volts, amps, watts, and power factor with typical ±0.5% F.S. accuracy. The meters display true rms voltage and current values of triangle and square waves as well as other irregularly shaped waveforms and can provide either a fixed reading of any of the four parameters or continuously cycle through all four. Models are available in ranges of 0–30 A with 0.01 A resolution, 7200 W max., or 0–100 A with 0.1 A resolution and 9999 W max. Power consumption is <0.25 W from a 120 VAC supply. Operating voltage is 85–264 VAC. Applications include power distribution units, breaker panels, and generator sets in industrial, commercial, and residential markets.

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Company: Murata Power Solutions
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