AC/DC Power Platform Employs Current Doubling Technology

AC/DC Power Platform Employs Current Doubling Technology

Heralded as a new AC/DC power platform that establishes new industry benchmarks in power density, performance, and ease of use, iX2 current-doubling technology makes its debut in Asterion ac power sources. Available in 500VA, 750VA and 1500VA power levels, the components offers users a combination of intelligence, performance, and modularity. With iX2, as the output voltage decreases from maximum to one-half maximum, available output current increases up to two times the rated output current. That allows the power supply to maintain maximum power throughout the voltage range. In addition, iX2 current-doubling technology eliminates a common need to buy multiple sources or overpowered sources to run tests at different voltage levels, such as when performing low line voltage testing. Other platform features include Auto-Paralleling and Clock/Lock to achieve higher output power and multi-phase configuration. Users can combine up to six units to achieve 9,000 VA per phase of output power. One unit becomes the master while the rest serve as auxiliary units. System setup can be accomplished using a single front panel or digital interface. Multi-phase systems can be configured for split-phase, three-phase, or even higher phase count requirements. For more details, visit

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