AC/DC Modules Pass Medical Muster

TRACO POWER’s TMF family of 5W to 30W encapsulated power supplies are safety approved to IEC/EN/ES 60601-1 edition 3.1 for 2xMOPP (Means of Patient Protection) and are BF compliant (Patient Connected applications) with an ISO 14971 risk management file.


These fully encapsulated modules are designed for PCB mounting and come in 5W, 10W, 20W, and 30W packages with fixed output voltages of 5, 12, 15 and 24 Vdc. These models feature a low leakage current <100 µA, an I/O isolation of 4000VAC and are rated for class II operation with no earth ground connection required making them suitable for BF rated applications.

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Their compact size of 1.62 x 1.07 x 0.75" (5W); 2.06 x 1.06 x 0.75" (10W); 2.15 x 1.78 x 0.93" (20W); and 2.52 x 1.79 x 0.93" (30W) make them suitable for a wide range of medical and industrial applications including dental, home health care, test & measurement and any mobile/portable requirements. Additional features include a -25 to +70°C operating temperature range; EMC compliance to the latest IEC/EN 60601-1-2 4th edition; reliability >300K hours per MIL-HDBK-217F @ 25°C; and acceptance criteria to IPC-A-610 Level 3. For greater insight, peruse the TMF datasheet.

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