Absolute Linear Encoder Thrives In A Vacuum

Tailored for operating in vacuum environments, HEIDENHAIN’s LIC 4100 V linear encoder embarks as an addition to the company’s LIC 4100 linear absolute kit style encoder system. The LIC 4100 V encoders reliably operate down to 6 x 10-7 mbar and can survive a +100°C bake out. They are also said to exhibit low outgassing.


The LIC 4100 V encoder system uses a glass scale that can be of a normal or zero thermal growth material attached to the equipment with a clamping system. The glass scales can be up to 3m in length. For longer lengths of up to 27m, a stainless-steel tape scale can be used with an extrusion that is screwed to the machine axis. Accuracies of the glass scale can be to ±3 µm and the longer length tape scales can be to ±5 µm/m.


The encoder’s scanning unit includes vents to allow for quick pump down times, a cable with PTFE wire insulation, and a tin-plated braid for shielding. Absolute resolution can be as low as 1 nm. An optional vacuum feedthrough is available as an accessory. For more information, contact Heidenhain Corp., Schaumburg, IL at 877-887-6431 or 877-920-2703.

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