Ability Enterprise and Dual Aperture Announce Collaboration on 3D Sensor Modules

PALO ALTO, CA -- Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd. announces its collaboration with Dual Aperture, Inc., a Silicon Valley imaging technology pioneer, to build a complete camera that can take sharp, reduced-noise pictures with real-time depth information capture. Dual Aperture's innovative technology utilizes a single, low-power, small form factor sensor instead of stereoscopic sensors, proving to have significant advantages over current 3D technologies that use multiple sensors.

Dual Aperture's evolutionary image sensor technology utilizes a proprietary 4-color sensor design comprised of RGB and IR (infrared) pixels. Built with separate apertures for the RGB and IR pixels, the sensor is able to generate two distinct images, one in the RGB spectrum and the other in the IR, with a single capture.

Ability Enterprise and Dual Aperture partner together on a technology licensing agreement whereby Ability Enterprise will incorporate Dual Aperture's 4-color sensor technology, image processing algorithms and various application software, into their latest line of camera module products. These technologies will enable:

•Reconstruction of high-quality color image from a 4-color sensor
•Noise reduction and image sharpening
•Accurate depth estimation of captured objects
•Real-time touch refocusing of pictures
•Real-time 3D image pair generation
•Precise gesture tracking using a low-power, single sensor

Ability Enterprise joins Dual Aperture's existing partnerships with eWBM (processors) and Silicon File Technologies (sensors). "Ability is always looking for the best new technologies to provide our customers. Dual Aperture's technology will enable real-time 3D depth estimation and gesture tracking in a camera at a mass market scale because of its low costs and low power consumption," said Roger Tseng, Chairman and CEO of Ability Enterprise. "We are excited to partner with Dual Aperture and combine our respective technologies to help enable our customers to distinguish their products."

David D. Lee, CEO of Dual Aperture, Inc. also added that "Dual Aperture is looking forward to having Ability Enterprise as a strategic partner in developing commercial products for various other markets, such as PC, TV, and mobile. Because of its small form factor and low power usage, Dual Aperture's 4-color sensor technology can be used in various consumer devices such as smart phones, tablets, PCs, TVs, as well as in applications built for security and automobiles."

Under the agreement, Ability and Dual Aperture will work closely to provide complete solutions to Ability Enterprise's customers.

For more information, visit Ability Enterprise at: http://www.abilitycorp.com.tw
For more about Dual Aperture, Inc., go to http://www.dual-aperture.com

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