ABI Research Ranks 802.15.4 Vendors

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For the fourth consecutive time, Texas Instruments has been ranked at the top of the IEEE 802.15.4 Vendor Matrix released by ABI Research.

Ember Corporation and Oki Semiconductor claimed the second and third spots in the company's most recent evaluation of worldwide IEEE 802.15.4 vendors.

The Vendor Matrix is an analytical tool developed by ABI Research to provide a clear understanding of vendors' positions in specific markets.

Vendors are assessed by ABI Research on the important parameters of "innovation" and "implementation" across several criteria, unique to each vendor matrix, such as customer wins, contract awards, global reach, market share, patents, R&D spending, time to market, and first movers, among others.

Specific to the evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4 IC vendors, relevant criteria included: whether the vendor had an SoC product offering, date of first product release, current product generation, transmit and receive power, receive sensitivity, and public/private status of vendor.

According to senior analyst Sam Lucero, "Vendors, such as Freescale Semiconductor, are starting to introduce their third-generation of IEEE 802.15.4 IC products, leading to improved power consumption and receive sensitivity in SoC devices."

To view a list of the "top five" firms in this Vendor Matrix, please visit IEEE 802.15.4 IC Vendor Matrix. Registration on the ABI Research Web site (free) is required. Access to the rankings and profiles of all companies surveyed is available to clients of ABI Research.

This Vendor Matrix forms part of two ABI Research Services, Short Range Wireless and M2M.

For a list of all ABI Research Vendor Matrices, please visit The ABI Research Vendor Matrix.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in New York, ABI Research maintains global operations supporting annual research programs, intelligence services and market reports in broadband and multimedia, RFID and M2M, wireless connectivity, mobile wireless, transportation, and emerging technologies. For information visit the company's Web site, or call +1.516.624.2500.

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