ABB Intros Tool for Device Management, Optimization

ARCwire -- The key to business growth for industrial companies is improving asset performance, duration of operation, and uptime. ABB understands this and is pleased to announce the release of Asset Master, a new software solution that helps customers to meet these objectives, as well as providing traditional set-up tools for instrumentation configuration and calibration.

The primary functions of Asset Master include: Configuration—Integrated fieldbus management tools support engineers throughout the planning phase of a project. It uses a comprehensive device integration library for easy configuration and DTM's (Device Type Managers) to make device parameterization simple and intuitive. Commissioning—Fieldbus management tool features support commissioning and installation of the fieldbus networks and devices. Bus timing and schedule are generated automatically.

Diagnostics—User is informed of degrading performance through Asset Master's Alarm and Events features. Detailed device status information includes probable cause and suggested corrective actions. Real-Time Asset Optimization—Key plant personnel automatically notified of alarms via mobile telephones, email accounts, and pagers. Fault tracking capabilities help to find the cause of the malfunction. Fault can be automatically transmitted to a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to initiate the work order process.

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