AAM Selected as Supplier of Axles and Driveshafts for GM's Next Gen Truck Program

DETROIT -- American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings, Inc. (AAM) has been selected as target supplier to provide axles and driveshafts for GM's next generation full size truck program under GM's Strategic Sourcing Process (SSP).

A key objective of the SSP is to involve critical suppliers earlier in the process of designing and developing future vehicle programs. Pending final design direction and completion of the sourcing process, AAM expects to retain approximately 75% of the sales content provided to GM for the current full size truck program.

AAM expects to provide approximately 75% of the light-duty axles, 100% of the heavy-duty axles and 100% of the rear steel driveshafts for GM's next generation full size truck program. AAM does not expect to provide the aluminum driveshafts, front auxiliary driveshafts and steering linkages for GM's next generation full size truck program.

"With the strategic sourcing of multi-generations of this program now clarified, AAM is pleased to reaffirm our long-term partnership with GM," said AAM's Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, David C. Dauch. "AAM's innovative product, process and systems technology, as well as our cost-competitive global manufacturing, engineering and sourcing footprint, provides a compelling value proposition to all of our customers, including GM."

"With the direction of a core program of AAM's business now solidified for many years to come, we will continue to focus on leveraging our long-term commitment to quality, technology leadership and operational excellence to drive profitable growth and business diversification."

For more information, visit http://www.aam.com

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