AAEON & Kii Announce Their Next Generation Smart Vending Platform Alliance

ORANGE, CA and SAN MATEO, CA --- AAEON joins forces with Kii to unveil the IoT-driven next generation smart vending platforms and solutions in the marketplace. The two companies also work with a tier one manufacturer to provide fully integrated smart vending machines.

This multi-pronged partnership between the global organizations brings synergistic expertise and technology together to deliver the ultimate cloud-based smart vending platform:
•AAEON's smart vending board connects various sensors (i.e. temperature, humidity) and actuators (i.e. motors/coils) within vending machines and kiosks to Kii's cloud-based smart vending solution.
•Built on its flagship IoT Solution Enablement Platform, Kii's cloud-based smart vending software solution provides a multi-stakeholder, rules-driven solution to vending operators and their employees (including refillers and service technicians), to more easily manage, track and optimize their vending operations.
•Teamed up with AAEON's smart vending board and Kii's cloud-based smart vending solution is a major integrator and manufacturer (company to be revealed at the NAMA OneShow in April) delivering fully integrated, state-of-the-art smart vending machines, putting together the best high-tech, cloud-based smart vending solutions in the market.

AAEON's vending boards will be pre-integrated with Kii's software device agents, thereby enabling vending machines and kiosks using AAEON boards to automatically leverage Kii's smart vending cloud-based solution.

This fully integrated smart vending solution is currently available on a limited basis with plans for full market rollout in April, 2017.

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