A19/A21 LED Bulbs Are Energy Star-Qualified

A19/A21 LED Bulbs Are Energy Star-Qualified
LEDtronics Inc.

LEDtronics adds two Energy Star-qualified, UL-listed dimmable LED replacements for A19- and A21-style incandescent light bulbs for home and commercial use. The 7-watt DEC-A19F-7W-XIW-120AWD-ES and 9-watt DEC-A21F-9W-XIW-120AWD-ES come with a softly diffused, precision domed lens that direct warm white (3200K) light in a directional 180-degree illumination pattern. The dimmable LED bulbs provide drop-in installation in existing 26-mm Edison screw-in base fixtures and offer long-term durability, low power consumption, environmental sustainability and money savings. They run on 120 VAC, requiring no special adapters, and replace incandescent bulbs from 60W up to 100W with energy savings exceeding 80%. In addition, the LEDtronics LED bulbs boast a color quality greater than 80 CRI and a brightness of 750 lumens (DEC-A21) and 593 lumens (DEC-A19).

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