A “no strings attached” beta test for 30 days from Dynapar

Gurnee, IL -- Dynapar is offering a free 30-day beta test trial to all interested and qualified parties, for its key product families of incremental and absolute encoders, with thousands of configurations available. According to North American Marketing Director, Ferran Ayala, “This bold program represents our commitment to demonstrating our product quality, engineering expertise and factory support of the Dynapar encoder line to the market at large, with no strings attached.” Ayala further noted the offer would be continued for the foreseeable future.

Three simple steps constitute this offer:

I. An end user, OEM or distributor simply configures an absolute or incremental encoder from the TryDynapar assortment of products.
II. Dynapar provides the encoder for beta testing for 30 days, at absolutely no cost whatsoever, shipping the product via UPS.
III. After the 30-day trial period, the customer has the options to purchase the product or return it to Dynapar, using the instructions provided through a toll-free phone call to the company.

Dynapar encoders are found throughout North American industries, providing motion feedback control. These industries include general factory automation, pulp & paper, primary metals, oil & gas, packaging, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, materials handling, lift & crane, construction operations, off-highway and others, as well as original equipment motor manufacturing.

For more information, contact:

1675 Delany Road
Gurnee, IL 60031-1282
Phone: 1-800-873-8731
Web: http://www.dynapar.com/TRYDYNAPAR
Email: [email protected]

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