80W DIN Rail Supplies Carry ATEX & UL HazLoc Certifications

(Traco Power)

Traco Power’s TIB 80-EX Family of 80W DIN-rail power supplies carry certifications for ATEX II3G and UL HazLoc Class I / Div 2 standards, which means they are designed for harsh and hazardous locations. The components feature 12V/ 24V/48V outputs (-2% to +17% VADJ range), efficiencies from 88% to 90%, a peak power of 150% for 4 seconds, and ruggedized metal enclosures that are EN61373 qualified for railway shock and vibration.


Protection circuits include back power immunity, short-circuit and overload protection, and a DC OK dry signal contact. DC-OK LED indicators on both the front and side panels with optional side panel mounting enable use in flat panels. The product’s reduced heat dissipation enables a -40°C to +60°C full load operating temperature range (up to +70°C operation with only 20% de-rating).

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Outputs are radio-interference-suppressed to impede radiation at long output lines. This filter reduces the common mode current to within limits of telecommunication ports. The units operate with a power factor up to 99% with active power factor correction. For more details, checkout datasheets, drawings, and safety documentation.