802.11n WiFi Module from Redpine Signals

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Redpine Signals Inc.

The WiSeConnect self-contained, low-power WiFi module from Redpine Signals Inc., San Jose, CA, is intended for M2M markets and offers Wi-Fi Direct and Enterprise security. The module includes an embedded processor, the company's ultra-low-power 802.11n WiFi subsystem, an antenna, and frequency reference and has SDIO, SPI, Ethernet, and USB interfaces. Wi-Fi Direct functionality lets other Wi-Fi Direct devices and standard clients to connect to the module. Other features include a full implementation of the SEP 2.0 software stack for smart energy applications, support for embedded AP functionality in client and access point models, and WLAN enterprise security.

Contact Info

Company: Redpine Signals Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 408-748-3385
Fax: 408-705-2019

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