8-Bit MCUs Hit The IoT Trail

8-Bit MCUs Hit The IoT Trail
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

The company’s next-generation eight-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), the EFM8 family, target ultra-low-power, small-footprint IoT applications. The family includes three MCU lines. First up, the EFM8BB Busy Bee MCUs deliver core speeds up to 50 MHz with 2- to16-kB of flash. Peripherals include a 12-bit ADC. These MCUs suit motor-control applications, power supplies, battery chargers, sensor controllers, consumer electronics, and communication bridges. EFM8SB Sleepy Bee MCUs offer a sleep mode power of 50 nA with full memory retention and brown-out detection, paired with a 2-µs wake-up time. Core speeds range to 25 MHz and flash sizes range from 2 to 64 kB. Third, the EFM8UB Universal Bee MCUs offer speeds up 48 MHz and 8- to 64-kB flash sizes. They integrate an oscillator, clock recovery circuit, and a full-speed USB transceiver. Starting prices for EFM8 MCUs are $0.21 for EFM8BB MCUs, $0.32 for EFM8SB MCUs, and $0.43 for EFM8UB MCUs in 10,000-unit quantities. EFM8BB Busy Bee, EFM8SB Sleepy Bee and EFM8UB Universal Bee starter kits are priced at $29 each. For more information, visit http://www.silabs.com/EFM8

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