7-kW Three-Phase AC/DC Supply Delivers 95.5% Efficiency

7-kW Three-Phase AC/DC Supply Delivers 95.5% Efficiency
Murata Power Solutions

The D2U5T-H3-7000-54 hot-swappable, ac/dc power supply with a three-phase input delivers a 7-kW/54-Vdc main output with up to 95.5% efficiency at a 50% load. A user selectable standby offers an output of either 3.3 or 5 Vdc. The D2U5T Series offers true three-wire, three-phase operation at 7 kW from either a Delta or Wye source. With an input range of 320 to 525 Vac, the supply accommodates 480-Vac installations in North America as well as 380-Vac installations internationally. With input from voltage sources between 180 to 264 Vac, the D2U5T Series provides 3.5-kW operation. Active power factor correction gives this supply a 0.99 power factor and less than 10% harmonic current. Pricing in OEM quantities $1,400 each. A datasheet is at http://www.murata-ps.com/datasheet?http://www.murata-ps.com/data/acdcsupplies/d2u5t-h3-7000-54-hu4c.pdf

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