600-V Gate Driver Breaks Industry Speed Limits

600-V Gate Driver Breaks Industry Speed Limits
Texas Instruments Inc.

Introduced as the industry's fastest 600-V half-bridge gate driver, the UCC27714 with 4A source and 4A sink current capability delivers a 90 ns propagation delay, allegedly 40% lower than comparable devices. As per its maker, the device eliminates the need for bulky gate drive transformers, saving significant board space in high-frequency switch-mode power electronics.

Other features include:
• Advanced noise toleration: Negative voltage handling of -6 V at the switched-node pin creates the ability to tolerate noise, causing virtually no malfunctions in the electronic system.
• MOSFETs have the ability to drive over a wide power range: The device's high-current capability of 4 A enables MOSFETs to drive over a wide power range, from a few watts to a kilowatt.
• Operates across wide temperatures: All electrical characterizations have little variations across operating temperatures, creating a simplified design and speeding time to market.

The UCC27714 available in a SOIC-14 package and is priced at $1.75 each/1,000. For more details, go to http://www.ti.com/UCC27714-pr  

Texas Instruments Inc.
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