60-GHz Sensors Inject mmWave Technology Into Industrial Market

(Texas Instruments)

Texas Instruments claims it is advancing millimeter-wave (mmWave) sensor technology in worldwide industrial applications with its 60-GHz sensor portfolio. The IWR6x mmWave sensors enable industrial automation through on-chip processing capabilities, providing real-time decision-making and signal processing. The 60-GHz mmWave sensors include antenna-on-package offerings, which promise to remove traditional challenges associated with radio-frequency (RF) design while shrinking size up to 75% and reducing overall cost.


Reportedly, with 60-GHz mmWave sensors, users can integrate mmWave technology into a wide range of robotics, factory automation, and building automation designs while leveraging the ISM band for broad deployment. Built for industrial performance, the sensors provide up to 4 GHz of ultra-wide bandwidth to detect objects and motion up to 16 times more accurately than 24-GHz narrowband solutions. Other features include:

  • Intelligent autonomy at the edge: Integrated processing capabilities enable the sensor to reduce false positives and make real-time decisions, eliminating the need for a microcontroller or processor in many systems.
  • Highest-resolution sensing: Ultra-wideband mmWave sensors detect objects, people, and motion as fine as breathing and typing, with up to 16 times greater resolution than 24-GHz sensors.
  • Optimized for industrial automation: mmWave technology expands building and factory automation capabilities, enabling smarter people counting, motion detection, robotics, safety guards, vital sign monitoring, and more.
  • Enhanced system accuracy: 60-GHz mmWave sensors improve the accuracy of existing systems by operating in crowded spaces; in various lighting and environmental conditions; and through materials such as glass, plastic and drywall.
  • Simplifying industrial designs: With a platform that includes antenna-on-package, a scalable software platform, application-specific algorithms, and multiple reference designs, designers can get started immediately.  

Preproduction IWR6843 devices will be available starting Monday, November 12. The IWR6843 modular development platform (IWR6843-STARTER-BDL) is available for $348, and additional antenna modules (IWR6843ISK) are available for $149.


For further info, a wealth of product details and specs are available. Also Learn more about the 60-GHz mmWave sensor portfolio and peruse the IWR6843 reference designs for people counting and zone occupancy detection, including source code and algorithms.