6 DOF IMU from Honeywell Sensing & Control

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Honeywell Sensing and Control

The 6DF Series inertial measurement units (IMU) from Honeywell Sensing and Control, Golden Valley, MN, provide motion, position, and navigational sensing from a single device. The MEMS-based 6-DOF device measures the motion of the equipment to which it is attached and delivers the data to the equipment's control module via CAN for stability, rollover prevention/detection. The IMU features integrated algorithms, calibration, and environmental testing; an aluminum housing; triaxial rotational rate measuring range of ±75°/s; 2-axis inclination range of ±50°; and triaxial acceleration range of ±19.81 m/s2 (6DF-1N2-C2-HWL) or ±58.86 m/s2 (6DF-1N6-C2-HWL). The 6DF-1N2-C2-HWL is the slightly more accurate of the two but is less tolerant of vibration; the 6DF-1N6-C2-HWL is more tolerant of vibration and rugged environments.

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Company: Honeywell Sensing and Control
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-537-6945
Fax: 815-235-6545

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