6-Axis Combo Accelerometer-Gyro Sensors Lower The Power Bar

6-Axis Combo Accelerometer-Gyro Sensors Lower The Power Bar
ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM Group company Kionix announces the availability of 6-axis combo accelerometer-gyro sensors that deliver industry-low power consumption ideal for motion sensing applications, including gaming systems, wearable devices, and smartphones.

In recent years the demand for sensors continues to rise following the increased proliferation of sensor-based applications such as smartphones and gaming devices. However, the relatively large power requirements of conventional gyroscopes make it difficult to adopt in applications that support always ON operation or with restrictive power consumption limits.

Unlike conventional sensor signal detection methods based on amplitude detection, the KXG07 and KXG08 utilize a proprietary phase detection scheme that contributes to smaller designs while enabling full high-speed operation of the onboard accelerometer, gyroscope, and temperature sensor at industry-leading low power consumption levels as low as 0.2mA, allowing for always ON operation. Additional features include synchronization functionality, a 4,096-byte buffer, and support for controlling and acquiring data from external sensors, contributing to reduced design load.

The KXG07 is packaged in a 3mm×3mm×0.9mm 16-pin LGA while the KXG08 is offered in a conventional 2.5mm×3mm×0.9mm 14-pin LGA package, ensuring support for a variety of board designs. Both products will start sampling in July 2016 (500 yen/sample, excluding tax), with mass production slated for October.

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