6-Axis Accel-Gyro Combo Sensors Set Power Consumption Benchmark

The KXG07 and the KXG08 six-axis accelerometer-gyroscope combos represent a significant technological leap forward in reducing the power consumption of six-axis solutions. Both employ a proprietary technology that dramatically lowers power consumption of the gyroscope. The KXG08 is packaged in a conventional 2.5 mm x 3 mm x 0.9 mm, 14-pin LGA, while the KXG07 is offered in a 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.9 mm 16-pin LGA package. They enable full high-speed operation of the onboard accelerometer, gyroscope, and temperature sensor at power consumption levels as low as 0.2 mA. Other features include synchronization functionality, a 4,096-byte buffer ,and support for controlling and acquiring data from external sensors. Kionix will be exhibiting these 6-axis accel-gyro combo sensors at Sensors Expo 2016, the premier event in applied sensors.

Kionix Inc.
Ithaca, NY
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