500W/600W Quarter-Brick Bus Converters Include PMBus Communications

500W/600W Quarter-Brick Bus Converters Include PMBus Communications
Murata Power Solutions Inc.

The single-output, digitally-controlled 600W DRQ-12/50-L48 and 500W DRQ-12/42-D48 dc/dc converters include a PMBus-compatible digital interface and a 32-bit ARM7 Processor. The DRQ family is packaged in the industry standard quarter-brick format incorporating the Advanced Bus Converter (ABC) pinout for PMBus communications to an isolated dc/dc converter. The –L48 module has a 12-Vdc, 50A output and accommodates an input voltage range from 44 to 57 VDC. The –D48 converter provides a 11.5-Vdc, 43.5A output and supports the TNV 2:1 wide input voltage range of 38 to 75 Vdc. Pricing in OEM quantities is $50 for the DRQ 500W and $55 for the DRQ 600W. For more details, visit http://power.murata.com/en/products/dc-dc-converters/isolated/where/category/single-output-isolated.html

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