40A µModule Regulator Plays It Cool

40A µModule Regulator Plays It Cool
Linear Technology Corp.

TheLTM4636 40A step-down µModule switching regulator exploits 3D construction for quicker heat dissipation and cooler operation. By stacking its inductor on top of a 16 mm x 16 mm BGA package, the device uses its exposed inductor as a heat sink, permitting direct contact with airflow from any direction. The LTM4636 delivers 40W (12 VIN, 1 VOUT, 40A, 200 LFM) with only a +40°C rise over ambient temperature. Full-power 40W is delivered up to +83°C ambient and half-power 20W is supported at 110°C ambient.

The LTM4636 operates at 92%, 90% and 88% efficiency, delivering 15A, 30A and 40A, respectively, to a 1V load (12VIN). The µModule regulator is scalable, such that four LTM4636s in parallel current sharing mode deliver 160W with only 40°C rise and 88% efficiency (12VIN, 1VOUT, 400LFM). Device height is 7.07 mm, including the inductor stacked on top of a 16 mm x 16 mm x 1.91 mm BGA package. In addition to dissipating heat from the top, the LTM4636 uniformly disperses heat from the bottom of the package to the PCB via 144 BGA solder balls. Price starts at $38.85 each/1,000. For more information, visit http://www.linear.com/product/LTM4636

Linear Technology Corp.
Milpitas, CA.

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