3G Video Camera Sensors from Libelium

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Libelium, Zaragoza, Spain and Redwood City, CA has released autonomous 3G sensors equipped with video cameras for its Waspmote wireless sensor network platform. Suited for development of security, surveillance, and military applications, the video camera sensors, in conjunction with the 3G communication module, let you create sensor nodes that transmit both discrete data gathered by analog and digital sensors as well as complex streams of real-time information, such as photos and video, to servers in the Cloud. Waspmote uses ZigBee, Bluetooth, and WiFi protocols to send low-bandwidth data and high-speed W-CDMA and HSPA mobile networks to upload video. For night-vision mode, the video camera sensor nodes include dozens of high-power IR LEDs. The 3G module also has an internal GPS that adds geolocation information to multimedia files.

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Company: Libelium
Country: Spain
Phone number: +34 976-54-74-92
Fax: +34 976-73-37-19

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