3D TV Just Refuses To Die

How many times has it been heralded that new Product X will bring true 3D television viewing into your home, with or without the aid of bizarre looking eyewear? How many times have you raised your eyebrows, rolled your eyes, and mumbled, “yeah, right”? Well, if your answer was never, allow the Ying Group to perhaps give you yet another opportunity to do so. Unless, of course, if what they’re hawking actually works, you may say “It’s about time”!

According to “Anglo-American” technology company Ying Group, cinema without 3D glasses is about to arrive and conquer television simultaneously. Apparently, you will be able to view 3D content in movie theaters and at home on you television without the clunky, Professor Neuroid glasses. The group claims that it’s “all set to pull off the biggest set of technological breakthroughs that the world's public has never seen in the 3D space in many decades.”

In a nutshell, the group’s technology, referred to as EDS, relies on sophisticated neuro-cognitive image modelling that’s integrated directly into the video signal. Operating at 8K down to 1K, it performs intensive digital transformations at the pixel-on-pixel level within each remastered digital frame. Notably, this technology also operates on tablets and smartphones.

Ying Group media executive Rosa Martinez states, "It has taken our scientists and digital engineers eight years to crack the many challenges required to bring this to the cinema screen and now also to the TV screen." Abhijeet Thakar, senior director at Ying Group India, forecasts, "We expect an announcement by early September telling the Indian public, and also the world, which Indian TV station will be the first broadcaster to use EDS."

Since a lot of people out there won’t be available for those September dates and/or won’t have access to Indian media sources, there will be dates set later for North American and European TV audiences. Of course that is assuming the Indian presentations are successful. Either way, you can cop an early preview of a Batman side-by-side comparison on YouTube.

If the Ying Group is successful, the technology will surely find its way to Hollywood and other parts of the media industry. It might even inspire some movies and shows worth watching. Have you rolled your eyes yet? ~MD

Other video samples of EDS

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