3D Snapshot Sensor Simplifies Automated Inspection

LMI 3D Snapshot Sensor

Debuting as the latest addition to the Gocator family of all-in-one 3D smart sensors, the Gocator 3100 series promises to simplify automated non-contact inspection using blue LED projection and stereo scanning technology. An industrial scanning solution, it delivers 3D point cloud acquisition, measurement, and control decision capabilities in a single package. The first model available is the Gocator 3110, crowned as the industry’s first all-in-one 3D smart snapshot sensor. Suitable for robotic or stationary inspection stations, the Gocator 3110 is the first in a series of 3D smart snapshot sensors from LMI with more models to be released. The sensor is available for order now.

LMI Technologies

Delta, BC, Canada. (604)  636-1011



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