3D Smart Sensors Wise Up

3D Smart Sensors Wise Up
LMI Technologies

In its latest version, Gocator 4.2 Firmware supports the Gocator 3D Smart Sensor product line including displacement, profile, and snapshot sensors, and introduces several new features that significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the 3D inspection process. New features and developments include a part matching feature that can accurately inspect parts regardless of their orientation as they pass on an assembly line. Edge matching capability automatically performs part realignment before applying Gocator’s built-in measurements tools. Another enhancement, Profile Mode allows users to generate profiles of scanned parts using a Gocator single point sensor, rather than the typical displacement sensor that requires heavy network bandwidth and a PC or external controller to operate. Profile Mode builds 3D part profiles by intelligently combining high speed range data into a profile of the scanned part with flexible part detection logic that supports a variety of acquisition methods such as fixed length of movement, digital input control status, and height thresholding. A user-configurable X Resampling Interval feature provides fine-tuned control over the amount of data received, allowing users to make decisions regarding trade-off between accuracy and hardware requirements. Last but not least, an Auto Exposure function allows users to automatically set the exposure value on their Gocator 2880 Smart Sensor. Gocator 4.2 Firmware is available now as a free download at http://www.lmi3d.com/support/downloads. For more details, visit http://www.lmi3d.com/products/gocator/firmware

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