3D Scanning System Unlocks Personalized Hearing Solutions

Lantos Technologies has released what it calls the industry’s only FDA 510K cleared, 3D ear scanning system. From hearing aids to hearing protection, and professional to consumer audio devices, the company’s 3D scanning technology gives audiologists a unique and proven path to provide effective patient care and modernize their practice.


A radical departure from the routine of traditional silicone earmold impressions, Lantos leverages patented membrane-based scanning technology that captures over one million data points from the outer ear to within 4 mm of the eardrum in one scan. That detailed ear scan data is captured in a digital workflow engine and provided to partners for rapid manufacturing via the cloud. The result is a personalized hearing solution, customized exactly to the patient’s precise needs and anatomy, delivered quickly.



 While audiologists and patients agree that the optimal process for creating earmolds is through a 3D scan, proper training and support is a critical component to learn any new clinical skill. Led by a team of audiologists, Lantos provides a three-part training program that includes online courses, in-person training, and additional events. Upon completion of the training program, practices streamline their ordering process by immediately sending scans to preferred manufacturer partners for faster and more precise production. For more information, visit Lantos Technologies.


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