3D Magnetic Sensor Boosts Accuracy, Reduces Power

3D Magnetic Sensor Boosts Accuracy, Reduces Power
Infineon Technologies North America Corp.

Suitable for use in consumer and industrial designs, the TLV493D-A1B6 3D magnetic delivers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption in a six-pin TSOP. Magnetic field detection in x, y, and z direction allows the sensor to measure three-dimensional, linear and rotation movements. An I²C interface enables fast and bidirectional communication between sensor and microcontroller. The TLV493D-A1B6 detects all three dimensions of a magnetic field. Using lateral hall plates for the z direction and vertical Hall plates for the x and y direction of the magnetic field, the sensor can be used in a large magnetic field range of ±150mT (milli Tesla) for all three dimensions. The sensor provides 12-bit data resolution for each measurement direction, allowing a data resolution of 0.098 mT per bit (LSB). Additionally, TLV493D-A1B6 can be operated on supply voltages between 2.7V and 3.5V and over a temperature range from -40°C to +125°C. The product is qualified according to industry norm JESD47. For further details, visit http://www.infineon.com/3Dmagnetic

Infineon Technologies North America Corp.
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