3D Laser Scanner from Trimble

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Trimble Navigation Ltd.

The CX from Trimble Navigation Ltd., Dayton, OH, is a 3D laser scanner that uses the company's WAVEPULSE technology to provide the short-range accuracy of phase-shift measurements with the low-noise sensitivity and high-distance characteristics of time-of-flight. The device can reliably scan 54,000 points/s, has an 80 m range, and a 360° by 300° FOV. The device is intended for use in industrial, shipbuilding, and offshore platform environments as well as in selected civil survey applications. It can be used to ensure the dimensions of fabricated parts prior to transportation and installation; calibrating storage tanks; monitoring plant assets and potential movement or deformation during use; and verifying as-built construction.

Contact Info

Company: Trimble Navigation Ltd.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-538-7800
Fax: 937-233-9441

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