3D Imaging Sensor from FSI Technologies

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FSI Technologies Inc.

The GS Family of 3D imaging sensors from FSI Technologies Inc., Lombard, IL, supports a range of robot control and inspection applications. The 3D imaging sensors have a typical use distance of 0.8–3.5 m , with a 58° (H) by 45° (V) by 70° (D) field of view, and typical depth image size of 30 frames/s (VGA) and 60 frames/s (QVGA). The sensors, used in conjunction with a PowerEye machine vision system, can be used in bin picking, robotic manipulation, sorting products, checking mold clearance, space monitoring, and object recognition. It can be used to aid in determining spatial positions and measurements.

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Company: FSI Technologies Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-468-6009
Fax: 630-932-0016

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