3D Glass Solutions Announces Highest Efficiency 5G IPD RF Filters

ALBUQUERQUE, NM -- 3D Glass Solutions, Inc. (3DGS) announces the development and production of the highest efficiency 5G integrated passive devices (IPD) for radio frequency (RF) filters. These RF filters have been designed to operate as bandpass filters for frequencies at 5GHz and 28GHz with less than 1.0 dB of insertion loss.

3DGS' 5G RF filters are manufactured using APEX® Glass, a material which has significant benefits over legacy PCB materials, such as:
•up to 70% reduced chip size
•up to 50% power reduction
•up to 50% increase in wireless bandwidth
•broadband applications ranging from DC to over 100GHz

3DGS is actively looking to expand its strategic business relationships to accelerate the deployment of its high performance and high frequency RF filter technology. Our Key Industrial Partners receive prioritized product development and manufacturing support. 3DGS' RF technology provides our customers with the ultimate in enhanced performance and reduced cost through the integration of RF IPD components (filters, antenna, and other passive devices) directly into a custom APEX® Glass-based System-in-Package (SiP).

To become a Key Industrial Partner, to receive a detailed 3DGS product listing, or to request a sample 5G bandpass filter, visit http://www.3dglasssolutions.com

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