3D Force-Sensing Technology Secures Corporate Vision 2016 Technology Innovator Awards

Richmond, Yorkshire --- Corporate Vision Magazine names Peratech as winner of two 2016 Technology Innovator Awards. Peratech is proud to have received two awards in different categories at the Corporate Vision 2016 Technology Innovator Awards. The company scooped Best Force-Sensing HMI (Human to Machine Interface) /MMI (Machine to Machine Interface) Solutions Company (UK) for providing next-generation touch and haptics solutions to some of the most exciting and innovative global companies. It also won the Corporate Vision Innovation Award: QTC SP Sensors in recognition of its 19 years of development expertise in applied QTC-based materials. Quantum Tunnelling Composites add a level of control, reliability, and range to create real-world tactile or force-based experiences that otherwise would not exist.

The 2016 Technology Innovator Awards, which are in their second year, are designed to recognise and reward the individuals, departments, and firms behind the ground-breaking developments that change the way business is done for the better.

Peratech’s force sensors bring a new dimension to touch controls. A QTC material changes its electrical resistance based on how much force or pressure you apply to it—from light touch to hard press. Our current ink formulations promote quantum tunnelling through certain semiconductive nanoparticles that are carefully blended with other particles in a polymer binder that makes the resulting force sensors durable and reliable at high and low temperatures, and in high-humidity conditions. For HMI designers, Peratech’s technology solutions offer unrivalled creative freedom and opportunities for product differentiation. Said Stark, “QTC-based force sensors enable designers to transform the user experience of their products through smart buttons, panels, and displays. The result: more enjoyable and more valuable products because when you have a technology that mimics real life, it disappears and all consumers see is a product that enriches their lives.”

It is not the first time Peratech has been recognised by leading organisations as the company holds multiple awards including the “BBC Tomorrow’s World Industry Award,” the “Queen’s Innovation Award,” the “Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards,” and the “World-wide Innovation Award” from Saatchi & Saatchi.

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Web: http://www.peratech.com

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