3D Displacement Sensors from LMI Technologies

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LMI Technologies Inc.

Gocator 1100 and Gocator 1300 Series 3D smart displacement sensors from LMI Technologies Inc., Vancouver, Canada, let you perform high-speed dimensional measurements such as height and thickness or surface roughness. Scan rates are up to 32 kHz and laser measurement and data processing are done in the sensor. The devices provide high-resolution measurement over various ranges up to 2 m and have a built-in Web-browser-based interface; EtherNet/IP for plugging the sensors into PLCs; precalibrated, integrated laser and optics; 2m, 3R, 3B laser class options; and IP67-rated housings. Sensors are scalable and come with an open source SDK.

Contact Info

Company: LMI Technologies Inc.
Country: Canada
Phone number: 604-636-1011
Fax: 604-516-8368

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