3D, 2D Laser Scanner from K-TEK

3D, 2D Laser Scanner from K-TEK

K-TEK Corp., Prairieville, LA, offers the LM3D and LM2D laser scanners for volumetric measurement of bulk solids. The LM3D uses a rotating laser head to perform multipoint laser scans to measure the uneven surface of stored materials. A 3D map of the surface is created in the scanner memory and the onboard microprocessor calculates the material's volume and mass. Measurements are transmitted via 4–20 mA or RS-232. The LM2D 2D laser scanner is designed to measure the flow of bulk solids on conveyor belts and to monitor speed. A noncontact belt speed sensor uses Doppler radar to measure conveyor speed. The scanner head scans the profile of the flowing material on the belt and the microprocessor calculates volume and mass throughput in real time. Volume accuracy for dry materials is as low as 0.5%.

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Company: K-TEK
Phone number: 225-673-6100
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