30-MHz Scope Resides In A Wireless Probe

When it comes to oscilloscopes, there’s always something impressive happening. Such is the case with the IkaScope WS200, a pen-shaped battery-powered wireless oscilloscope that streams captured signals to almost any Wi-Fi-connected screen. The instrument sports a 30MHz bandwidth, 200-Msamples/s sampling rate, and handles a maximum input of ±40 Vp-p. It provides galvanically-isolated measurements even when a USB connection is charging the internal battery. Additionally, IkaScope WS200 works on desktop computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones running iOS and Android. Free application software can be downloaded for whichever platform the user requires.


IkaScope WS200 has no power switch; it detects pressure on the probe tip and turns on automatically. An internal 450-mAh battery lasts about one week with regular daily use before recharging is necessary. An isolated USB connection allows for recharging the internal battery and two LEDs in the unit indicate battery charge and Wi-Fi status.


A datasheet is available for the IkaScope WS200. For more details and pricing, contact the Saelig Company.


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